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Fritz Schaefer originally began his career by focusing on designs and installations for residential landscapes. Since he had an exceptional thirst for knowledge and a passion for horticulture, he demanded more diverse and unusual plants that he could find at local wholesale nurseries. Hard to find perennials, ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs and dwarf evergreens were a staple for his designs, but without easy access to them, it was a challenge for him to bring to life his vision for his clients.  His one-of-a-kind designs demanded a more effective way for him to follow his purpose. 

Landscape by Atlantic Nurseries
Over 50 Years and we still love what we do!


With quality at its core, Atlantic nurtures a tradition that encompasses the needs of the landscape design clients and the wholesale customers by remembering and acting on their mission statement… “A tradition of creating beauty in every conceivable way”. Atlantic Nurseries soon became known as the go-to for elite plantings and designs. Fritz’s eye to uncover exclusive and one-of-a-kind plants has laid the groundwork for the company’s success today, placing Atlantic in the forefront of design for residential clients, and setting them apart from the industry competitors. 


Due to the tremendous growth of both the residential design/build and the growing/wholesale nursery aspects of the business, 1981 brought a positive change to the company structure. Two separate and distinct companies were created to focus on the distinct customer bases and their needs. The two separate branches are now called Atlantic Nurseries and Landscape by Atlantic Nurseries.

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